BeeHub is?

Lots of Space

BeeHub is grow-as-you-go. The amount of space is virtually unlimited. Don?t ask how much you can store, just upload as much as you want. We?ll keep up.

Easy sharing of data

BeeHub allows you to share your data with other BeeHub users. We have a unique, powerful, fine-grained, yet intuitive and simple way of setting access rights.

Access from anywhere

Your data is online. Your local desktop- or laptop-computer, mobile device or supercomputer doesn?t keep a copy of your data, as with DropBox. Hey, it?s way too much for that anyway, isn?t it?

Instead, you can mount our storage on almost any OS, including MS Windows, Linux, OSX (Mac), iOS and Android.

Programmable Storage API

BeeHub uses the WebDAV protocol, including all the more advanced features of WebDAV an HTTP, such as Locking, lost-update prevention, partial file up- and downloads, metadata management and more. All from your favorite programming language, as long as it has an HTTP library. You can even script it in Bash!

If you have any questions or remarks, please read the documentation or contact us at